The Dragon Tank

The Dragon Tank

The Dragon Tank was operated by Dr No’s henchmen in the 1962 James Bond movie “Dr No”.

“Dr No used the ‘Dragon’ to keep superstitious locals at bay. As Bond, Honey Ryder and Quarrel explore Crab Key they run into Dr No’s fire breathing Dragon. Armed with an armour plated body shell, with searchlights and a flamethrower cannon, Bond and Quarrel are no match for the tank. Unfortunately, Quarrel is killed when he gets to close to the flamethrower. Bond and Honey are then escorted to Dr No’s main complex.

A bit a bout the model

As part or my 007 collection, I created and animated the model entierly in Blender. It was going to be a quick build but, I got a little carried away and started to mess around with Blender UV Texture painting of which I’m just picking up.

“Fan-Art” – created for no commercail gain, all copyrights respectably belong to Eon Productions.