And the winner is…

And the winner is…


It was only a few hours ago that I received the fantastic news that I had won the Sketchfab Freeform Reflections Challenge with my entry ” A fall from grace”:


Here’s the background:

Sketchfab wrote: “We introduced Screen Space Reflection (SSR) back in May and many of you have jumped into using it. Now that it’s been a few months and you’ve had a chance to play with it – or maybe you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to practice – we want to see what amazing things you can do with it. Show off your skills and the new-ish feature by using any software and workflow to create a model that reflects its surroundings using SSR.”

Well I was up for the challenge and already had a WIP model that fitted the bill perfectly. I’m extremely glad that the Sketchfab team and independent Judges thought that too. Thanks.

Needless to say I received this in my email inbox:

… and subsequently received this (electronically):

.. with which I bought a new one of these:

Huion New 1060PLUS Graphics Drawing Tablet by HUION

Thanks Sketchfab, I know this is going to take my art to the next level.