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Gym Grunters and screamers – Yea or nay?

For a little giggle in the Gym, there isn’t much can beat the Gym Grunters and Screamers. They can at times be pretty entertaining however, it can be equally annoying for “normal people” trying to workout and stay in the zone.

Now I totally understand a grunt going for your one rep max or squeezing that extra rep at the end of your final set lifting a new weight but, not every single rep at any weight and I’ve even witnessed a guy near screaming out for his Mama! To be fair I think he was doing it wrong.


In my experience it’s better to concentrate on proper breathing to get adequate intake of oxygen and exhalation of Carbon monoxide that assists muscle development and stamina.

Every time I see them “attention seeking”, it always reminds me of the Gun Show clip from Anchorman:

No doubt someone will give an inspiring motivational reason to grunt and scream, but please leave the bravado for the bedroom people.

I’ve only got one thing I want to say to these people and I think Arnold said it best:

arnold shut up

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