Colonel Rosa Klebb 3D scene

Colonel Rosa Klebb 3D scene

Here’s my take on one of the best remembered Bond villains ever, Colonel Rosa Klebb.

She featured as the main antagonist to James Bond in the 1957 Novel and 1964 movie, “From Russia with Love“

With her poison-tipped shoe she tries to kill James Bond whilst posing as a maid. Of course Bond survives and delivered the classic  one-liner “She’s had her kicks”.

A little bit of about the model

Based on a basic Fuse Character model of which I then used Blender to sculpt the facial features, pose the model and create the clothes and shoes.

I was going to go into greater detail but, I’ve deferred this to a later date when I have less deadlines and more time. She will return in a more detailed guise in a future post. Perhaps in her uniform and horn-rimmed glasses.

Fan art – All copyrights belong to Eon productions.