Astronaut Problems

Astronaut Problems

Houston we have a “smelly” problem.
by Coroca
on Sketchfab

Houston we have a “smelly” problem – When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! Just one of many Astronaut Problems.

None of the models are mine, I was messing around with the new Blender importer addon and was inspired to make a funny scene using what I could import.

I hope it at least made you giggle. Fart jokes always do. :¬)

Models used:

  • Spaceman Model (Fat Astronaut) by @likesenape
  • Space Shuttle by @Microsoft
  • Astronaut (Thin) by (Still to be credited)

Animation and scene set up prepared in Blender.

I highly recommend the new Blender importer addon, lots of fun and easy to use. Try it for yourself here:

Import Sketchfab models directly into Blender (Beta)