Alien Princess

Alien Princess

Here’s one that I called “Alien Princess” which was created and Rendered in Daz3D.

It’s the skin tones and textures that really stand out for me and I’m really happy how detailed it is close up.

Here’s the background:

Before I got in to Blender and Houdini Apprentice it was Daz 3d that got me really excited about 3D Art and the possibilities it could open up.

This is especially important as like the two previous, Daz 3D is a free to use 3D Studio with excellent (fully customisable) start up content and with the capability to import models to fill your scene in the most common formats, the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

They have a massive online catalogue of models and assets in their online shop from featured artists and  own content.

The content is very much character creation driven and is an excellent starting point for any project or perhaps a jump of for putting your vision in motion with already created content.

Final Render