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About me

I’m undergoing a fitness transformation journey and I want you to join in and we’ll do it together. How will we get on? Watch this space.

Q: Why am I doing this?
A: more like why not? It is important for a long and healthy life to stay fit, not “fad fit” where you Yo-yo diet, it’s time to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Q: why now?
A: I’m a normal guy with a normal lifestyle, I have two kids a beautiful wife and busy work life. Day to day chores and work commitments take up the vast majority of my time and for about a year I never prioritised my fitness, eat all the wrong foods and got FAT! It’s time to knock that on it’s head!

Q: What experience do you have and why should I be interested?
A: Quite simply I’m a Fitness geek, I absorb any information about fitness, it’s a passion! I want to pass on the knowledge I have gained over 30 years. I was hooked ever since I picked up my first fitness books about and by Arnold Schwarzenegger:

bodybuilding for men and education
The reboot of these books can be found here:

Q: Have you done a fitness transformation before?
A: Yep, back in 2012. As above, from 2008-2011 I had prioritised work and family life over my own fitness and got FAT. I asked my wife if she didn’t mind if I would be selfish in 2012 and get her support to allow me to get to the Gym religiously 5 times per week  and to do light cardio 40 minutes per day. She said “Go fit it” and I got great results on the Kris Gethin 12 week programme, but after our summer Vacation I had to catch up with work and the Gym took a back seat again. I’m now back to the same size and weight I was way back in 2012 before I started.

As you can see I made my target and dropped 53 pounds and I took 8″ off my belly, but I didn’t quite get down to the body-fat levels needed to shred my Abs. That’s what I’ll be doing this time.

Q: why are you broadcasting it on the internet? #embarrassing
A: Simple answer; Motivation. Everybody needs a reason to do something, a reason to get out of bed, mine for the foreseeable future is to get fit and with me sharing it on the Internet I hope to inspire others who have similar lifestyles.

Q: What happens if I’m not a member of a gym?
A: I don’t want to avoid the gym as I believe that’s where I’ll get my greatest results however, i’ll still be doing plenty of home fitness exercises to give myself a further challenges to keep my motivation levels up.

Q: what’s your fitness programme?
A: I adopt a fixed regime where I focus on two body areas per workout ; i.e. Day 1 – Back & Shoulders; Day 2 – Chest & Triceps; Day 3 – Biceps and Calves; Day 4 – Legs & Abs (NEVER SKIP LEG DAY) and I rotate these on a 2 on 1 off routine. Sometimes I’ll mix this up to 3 on 1 off to shock the system which helps to get over plateaus and get around family responsibilities.

Q: Is there a workout plan I could download to follow your progress?
A: In time there will be as the site develops and will be posted in the front page.

Q: Right, you’ve told us what you’re going to do, but how are you going to do it?
A: Although getting and keeping fit can be hard work, it’s not difficult to understand and in fact is simple as 1,2,3 if you adopt the fitness triangle approach to get fit for life and not for a fad.

I hope you will join me along my journey and I’d love to hear your comments along the way.

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