New Memes for 2017

New Memes for 2017

And so it begins…..

​What better way to kick start the new season. 6am fasted cardio. A lovely brisk walk will get your system going and starts to...

50 of my favourite fitness memes from the internet

For A bit of fun, here’s 50 of my favourite fitness memes from the internet, enjoy: Watch out for more of my favourite fitness memes...

Top 5 tips to crush a plateau

Here are my TOP 5 tips to get through a fat-loss plateau 1. Eat more Protein You should be thinking of topping up your...
Beach ready

Countdown to Beach Body deadline

The clock is ticking and my beach body deadline  is only 7 weeks away. Will I make it?  Just try and stop me!!!


Please feel free to use my Daily meal planner below to calculate your own daily calorie intake As you can see I have already...
bodymax_32-5kgselectabells_new_2 LS

The new additions to my Home Gym – Bodymax Bench and Selectabell Dumbbell Package

The orders been placed and I should be getting these bad boys delivered any day now The package comes with a sturdy incline/decline bench and...

Talking in the Gym

My reaction when people come up to speak to me in the Gym: Don’t get distracted, keep up the intensity and reach those targets!