Beach ready

Countdown to Beach Body deadline

The clock is ticking and my beach body deadline  is only 7 weeks away. Will I make it?  Just try and stop me!!!


Please feel free to use my Daily meal planner below to calculate your own daily calorie intake As you can see I have already...
bodymax_32-5kgselectabells_new_2 LS

The new additions to my Home Gym – Bodymax Bench and Selectabell Dumbbell Package

The orders been placed and I should be getting these bad boys delivered any day now The package comes with a sturdy incline/decline bench and...

Talking in the Gym

My reaction when people come up to speak to me in the Gym: Don’t get distracted, keep up the intensity and reach those targets!

Ultimate Gym Fail Compilation 2014

Ultimate Gym Fail Compilation 2014 Courtesy of:

Fitness progress Update 23-06-2014

Boooom! Just broke the 20% body-fat milestone and super motivated to do more Body-fat Progress:  Jan 5, 2014:   28.1% ~ vs. ~ Jun 23, 2014:...
160614 254lbs

Fitness progress Update 16-06-2014

Positive  results from my latest weigh-in. #SHORTCUTTOSHREAD is working. 27LBS LIGHTER SINCE JANUARY 2014 With a loss of almost 10% bodyfat since the start of...

Gym Grunters and screamers – Yea or nay?

For a little giggle in the Gym, there isn’t much can beat the Gym Grunters and Screamers. They can at times be pretty entertaining however, it can...

Beat the cardio doldrums – Just Dance

Given that I am always looking for new and different ways to mix up my cardio, what better way than dance yourself fit. Why...